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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, an suv slams into a long island barbershop. what the witnesses say the driver was screaming as he headed toward that building. and a security tight enough? that question being raised after a man was found dead in his bed in a city homeless shelter. let's get to that frightening accident on long island. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. an suv crashed straight through a building and what was going on behind the wheel? >> reporter: sibila, witnesses tell us it appeared the driver couldn't control the suv. they say as it moved forward he actually stuck his head out of the window yelling to people both on the walkway and inside the barbershop to get out of the way. rolling over shattered glass and mangled metal the ford suv was pulled from the barbershop, the
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vehicle that barrelled into it some four hours earlier. >> he watched the suv advance towards the jackson avenue business with no signs of stopping. he says the driver tried to warn people in his path. >> he stuck his head out the window and said everyone, move, i can't stop the car. >> reporter: the car appeared to be out of control. >> the barber himself told me that the car wasn't going quickly. there was no speeding. there was nothing of the sort. it just seemed like the car wouldn't stop. >> christian who works a couple doors down stepped outside to make a makeshift triage center in the parking lot. >> and there are people all nervous. i see the barbers, you know, one of them seemed to get a little bit hurt. >> reporter: only three people suffered very minor injuries including this man returning to the barbershop in a neck brace to collect his belongings.
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slide into the shop. >> you can see the barbershop covered in blue tarp. nearly all of it was damaged when the car plowed into it. the driver is not expected to face any charges in relation to the accident and they say that it is under investigation as to whether or not that car malfunctioned. thank you. the security of homeless shelters in the city is being questioned after a homeless man was found dead in a shelter. michael george reports on clues discovered in the victim's bedroom. >> the homeless shelter on 30th is massive. it stretches for a block and houses up to 500 residents and this morning one of those residents was found murdered. now detectives are trying to solve the mystery. residents at this shelter are all wondering what happened. a 56-year-old homeless man murdered and police still looking for the killer. >> i think they got no security. i don't know what the problem was with that though.
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>> gomez knows the man who was murdered. he told us he doesn't feel safe at the shelter. >> i sleep with one eye open. people still steal if you have any supplies or a phone. >> workers found the resident dead in his bed with a cut to his bed. the victim was handicapped. he may have been involved with a fight with someone inside his room. >> the room appeared to be in disarray as if a struggle ensued. ems responded and pronounced him deceased on scene. >> reporter: in response to several violent incidents the city's human resources administration commissioner says they're upgrading security here and other shelters. >> this is why we're working with the police department and the police department is conducting review of the security and safety needs of the shelter system. >> and we've learned there were actually 24 security staff
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they along with residents are being interviewed along with police. in a news 4 exclusive we sat down with an elderly woman who survived a vicious robbery in her own home. they say they pushed their way through her apartment in washington heights after she answered the door. the strangers pistol whipped her great grandson. the 88-year-old victim said she was terrified. >> i got scared because they were maybe going to give me a shot or i figured -- >> the suspects made off with an unknown amount of cash. anyone with information should contact the police. our item worked hard to get corruption documents and in those documents released today, prosecutors accuse silver of having an extramarital affair
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a regular basis. the women's names were not revolved. silver's attorneys called those allegations salacious. they were unsealed because they are relevant to his upcoming sentencing on may 3rd. in decision 2016 now, battleground new york is heating up with just days until tuesday's primary. the presidential candidates are striking their final blows this weekend hoping for a win. here's the latest. donald trump leads with new york voters with 54%. ohio governor john kasich has 25 and cruz trails with 16. after campaigning in upstate new york today he held a rally in connecticut. trump talked about rising unemployment rates and took a swipe at the governor. >> i will say this, if i were
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general electorates. kasich doesn't appear to have anything planned until monday when he'll hold town halls in syracuse. meantime cruz held a hallry in rochester. it was his third event of the day. tomorrow he'll have events in indiana and harrisburg, pennsylvania. on the democratic side, the nbc poll shows hillary clinton with a double digit lead over bernie sanders along lightly democratic primary voters. today clinton got a big win at the dominos table while playing with seniors in east harlem. tomorrow she'll be in a fund raiser with heavy hitters and her husband will make four stops for her in upstate new york. >> i received this and it was so moving to me.
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tall weekend, sanders went to the vatican. there he gave a speech on economic morality and he had no plans on meeting the pope. sanders is scheduled to hold a rally on sunday. count on news 4 new york for all of the information you need in the days ahead and beyond the primary day. you can always check out our website for constant updates. and coming up this sunday, only at news 4 new york, the questions, we take them straight to the mayor. >> i have a daughter, she goes to public school in queens and i want to know what you're doing about the overcrowding in public schools. >> mayor de blasio, hear what the mayor had to say on a new show called ask the mayor. coming up, a health scare, we'll tell you what's going on.
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the scene as a mountain lion ran wild on school grounds in california. >> and think spraying your home is good enough to keep bedbugs away? why the tiny critters are now able to survive insecticides. >> that gives me the creeps. hopefully you'll be able to enjoy this fantastic weekend. i'll break it down in the 7-day
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a veteran zoo keeper died after a tiger mauling today. 38-year-old was killed by a 13-year-old male tiger in an enclosure that was not visible to the public.
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danger. the zoo was going to be closed this weekend as they investigate what went wrong here. >> a powerful earth quake struck southern japan. at least a dozen people are dead and many more are suspected to be trapped in collapsed buildings. >> you're looking at a live picture of the earthquake when it happened. the quake hit just before 1:30 a.m. local time saturday. more than a dozen aftershocks followed. a major quake striking just eight miles from the epicenter of the deadly quake a day before. heavy damage visible from the air after dawn saturday. a massive landslide, roads damaged, blocked or destroyed. water pouring across one highway. authorities warning of damage over a wide area. a city hall badly damaged and unsafe. fires breaking out in at least one location. several buildings draps
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themselves. at one home, rescue workers taking chain saws to the residence to save people. >> japan's prime minister said he was discussing the damage with rescue and recovery a priority. the government ordering 15,000 extra troops to the area and there may be more shaking in the coming months. >> we will see magnitude 5 to 6 aftershocks. >> the quake left hundreds of thousands of homes without power. despite widespread damage the government said there's no risk of a tsunami and no new clear uclear plants are in damage. japan once again at the epicenter when the earth moves despite building codes aimed at
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and new at 11:00 we have surveillance video the police want you to see. it's from a bank where a burglar pried himself inside and came away with cash. sitting in the atm area, you can see him pry open the glass and break in. another angle shows the man jumping over the counter. the suspect made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and taking off on foot. and tmz is reporting prince was sick and his plane was forced to make an unscheduled stop in illinois. tmz says he briefly stayed in the hospital in illinois and is back home tonight. and the city of new orleans is celebrating the life of former football player will smith. hundreds took part in a traditional second line parade a
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played for the saints. smith was shot and killed after a traffic accident last weekend. his wife was also shot, but she is expected to survive. and new at 11:00, noerge's largest city and the ride company ruber came to an agreement tonight. officials have not released any details about this deal. the city and the company have been feuding over fees. >> and this time it's a local case. the justice department wants to access the phone of a convicted drug dealer from queens. apple said federal officials need to keep trying to extract the data without the company's help. this matter has become public. new tonight, drama in the bay when a man was thrown from a
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the coast guard got the call if a good samaritan who rescued him. the coast guard arrived a short time later and he was able to gain control of it. everyone involved in the ordeal is okay. >> and connecticut, drivers might have to steer through more trouble at the dmv offices. the dmv is still playing with long lines and other problems and persistent since the launch last summer. the vendor, 3m will not participate in the third phase of the overhaul which includes modern nicing the exiting system. >> and don't wait too long to get your income taxes filed. the irs gave the extension because washington, d.c. is observing emancipation day.
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you'll want to avoid the skyway. here we go again. i's closed right now in both directions until 6:00 tomorrow evening. crews are installing deck panels add part of the rehabilitation project. the work will pick up again with the same expected closures going through tomorrow night and through sunday. >> and bring your suntan lotion. >> no matter what you're going to do you'll need sunscreen for the next weekend and you can burn quickly and this will be no exception this weekend and we've seen over the last several days. more of us will be out. let's take a look outside now. the view looks stunning tonight. clear air, clear skies. the empire state building in its standard white lights and 48 degrees in the park under clear ska skies.
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down to the 30s overnight. you just need jackets late at night and in the morning and during the day you can shed those players. you'll still be cooler than the inland areas. putnam, inland fairfield and eastern suffolk county under freeze warnings tonight. the temperatures will drop down to the low 30s. right now it's in the 40s. out across long island, east port is down to 37. that's an area where you'll see the freeze warning tonight. the jersey shore is in the mid to upper 40s and lynn it's a little bit better at 50 but washington, d.c. only at 37 degrees. 54, but generally 40s on the map from high point to denville to
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that will keep us high and dry for the next several days, not until maybe twouz we might see some showers. rather chilly in cold spring at 36. the film festival, lots happening around the city and if you're going to be enjoying yourself, you will with the sunshine. whether' your just dining alpressocoe. they want to have seating set upside with this nice weather. the coast will be a little bit cooler. inland areas a little bit warmer. 72 on sunday so we keep rising higher and higher to mid-70s maybe to upper 70s on that day and then a strong northeast. it cools down a bit and we're back to the sixties but that doesn't last very long.
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until we really get to like friday of next week where we may see a few showers and thunderstorms. the system will break down, but no really cold weather except for some cool nights in store. have a great weekend. >> i don't know, what's coming up in sports? we'll get you ready for the islanders tonight. how about the isles look to do something -- well, it was a lot of fight to be honest. they look to see something the franchise hadn't seen since 1983 and mets dig the longball tonight in cleveland. so why was this a nail biter in sports? >> hey, guys, robert deniero is my guest tonight. do not change the channel.
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laeng high school into lockdown mode. the cat trotted alongside the school building and leapt over a wall before ending up in the front yard of the home. it fell asleep after it was hit with a tran we lyser dart. >> stop the bedbugs from biting starting to become more of a challenge these days. researchers say trying to kill the blood sucking parasites have only made them stronger. they've developed a thicker skin. experts say that the findings could move to more effective insecticides. >> we'll be right back with
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. sports frchlt
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sports.. well, john, hockey husry istory being made tonight. >> ten years before, the last time the isles won the best of a
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panthers did most of the scoring. smith beats griesz going to pivot and pass and in the slot for a 2-0 lead. late in the second. >> reporter: things getting a little bit chip pi. 7 player offense roughing in this scrum. it all adds up to a 3-1 islanders loss. and the silver lining. >> i don't know, it was pretty intense out there. but there was still some chances, still a lot of shots. you know, i thought we controlled more of the game today. some big saves and we just ran out of time a little bit. we had some chances and we just got to find a way to create more secondary opportunities. >> so the rangers try to get
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but dan will sit with an injury. all 109 of the games he's skated since the injury. ar and lundqvist was on the ice for practice today. there was no damage to the eye after taking a stick to his mask. it depends on how much pain he is on saturday. >> jock ki robinson. all around the game today wore the number 42. one of the best traditions that the game has developed. the bronx here for the first tonight in the first homer of the year, but tied at one, the yankees would waet a 2 on, 4th out in the last inning. cope to left for two-run homer and a that 3-pun, mariners lead. in the sixth, mark is up and
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the yankees left the runners in scoring position. former yankee robinson cano, three for 30 points are with runners in the fast four hits. >> they cut a bull pen session today. he'll try again on sunday. meanwhile he got a rally support in cleveland and right now, we can concert them. making a case to stay there too. and then in the fifth. mets' homer three times. his oirs as a met -- mets discover their bat is alive and well in cleveland and it's a good thing because it got a little dicey in the night. all right. good to see everybody wearing
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>> thanks a lot, john.
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fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton.
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stay ahead of the storm with the nbc 4 new york app. tap the logo in the corner and see the latest forecast and set the weather page as your home screen. download the app on the app store now. >> the tonight show is straight ahead. good night have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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